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Мартынова Е. А., Романенкова Д. Ф., Романович Н. А. Формирование профессионально-прикладных компетенций педагогов профессионального инклюзивного образования // Современные образовательные технологии: педагогика и психология: Монография. Книга 16 / О. К. Асекретов, Б. А. Борисов, Н. Ю. Бугакова и др. — Новосибирск: Издательство ЦРНС, 2015. — С. 163—183. — URL: https://psychlib.ru/inc/absid.php?absid=354287.
The author`s complex is described included three professionally applied competences of inclusive education, which covers the pedagogical activity peculiarities in conditions of inclusive education. The general characteristic of this complex of competences are revealed, with the sequential process of formation of their content on three real levels (threshold, basic, advanced), and criteria of formation are considered here too. The basic concepts describing the professionally applied competencies for teachers working in conditions of inclusion are disclosed: 1) the concept of special conditions for obtaining education for students — disabled persons; 2) the concept of an adapted educational program. The competence of possession of pedagogical technologies of inclusive education and methods of their usage is considered here. Accompaniment, or the teacher ability to individual support, is described as key factor at success of inclusive education at all. The mechanisms of this competence are disclosed as a prolonged function, up to the employment of such student. It is indicated, that accompanying the professional definition and development of disabled trainees — assumes the mastery of teacher's knowledge of labor market current state, as far as of the world of professions and of the requirements for psychological characteristics of any person and his health.
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